Uganda And Tanzania Travel Itinerary

Uganda And Tanzania Travel Itinerary

01 Uganda And Tanzania Travel Itinerary 2016 07 28

You can hear all about our upcoming trip to Uganda and Tanzania in the latest episode of our travel podcast, Episode #7!

For our tenth trip together, we will be traveling back to the place where the roots of our wanderlust were planted and blossomed to a whole new level: East Africa. We will be specifically visiting Uganda and Tanzania and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The motivation to go back to Africa stemmed from the fact that we are traveling at a time where tourism is at its peak yet the weather can be unbearable in many other parts of this world. More importantly, the perk of traveling to East Africa in August would mean the possibility of seeing the Great Migration in person!

We set our sights on Uganda since we have always wanted to observe the Silverback gorillas in the flesh. Sure we’d seen different types of monkeys throughout our travels, but when it comes to gorillas, there is a sense of bewilderment that we have yet to uncover.

Although that is the primary objective […]

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Should I Do A Bike Tour In India With Bike Street Boys?

Should I Do A Bike Tour In India With Bike Street Boys?

01 Should I Do A Bike Tour In India With Bike Street Boys 2016 06 13 Getting to ride through beautiful scenery during sunset is one of the great things about a bike tour.

If you’re looking for a two-wheeled perspective while on vacation and wondering “Should I do a bike tour in India with Bike Street Boys?”, here’s a few reasons on why the answer is “YES”, and a look at India’s newest and most exciting bike tour operator.

02 Should I Do A Bike Tour In India With Bike Street Boys 2016 06 13 Even though the streets were quite busy, we never felt in danger. Not to mention our guide, Tapesh, was there with us the entire time to ensure our safety.



03 Should I Do A Bike Tour In India With Bike Street Boys 2016 06 13 Riding past one of Udaipur’s most famous site, the City Palace. We can only imagine how much we would see on a multi-day […]

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What To Do In Budapest

What To Do In Budapest

01 What To Do In Budapest 2016 05 30 View of the “Pest” side of Budapest, with the Chain Bridge connecting the “Buda” part, as seen from the Buda Castle.

From the most impressive sights to see, to the best places to eat, here are our top 15 picks of what to do in Budapest.

02 What To Do In Budapest 2016 05 30 Take a break from sightseeing (mostly on the “Pesh” side) by walking through the rural/residential side of Budapest.



03 What To Do In Budapest 2016 05 30 Parliament standing tall and proud right along the Danube River. Be sure to reserve tickets if you want a tour of this place.

Divided by the snaking Danube River into “Buda” and “Pest”, the Hungarian capital is one of Europe’s most visited tourist cities. It combines spectacular architecture with an engaging history, and a few days spent exploring its churches, squares, and landmark buildings is a “must” for anyone visiting the region.

In November of 2012 we traveled to Central Europe […]

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Thailand Travel Video

Thailand Travel Video

01 Thailand Travel Video 2016 05 25 Thailand travel video captured with GoPro, visiting places Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, and Phi Phi Island.

For years I wanted to visit Thailand specifically during the end of the lunar calendar (mid-late November) so that Henry and I could witness their famed Loi Krathong lantern festival. I later learned that the specific festival I was referring to was the Yee Peng Lanna. When the stars finally aligned and we were able to make it out this year, I wanted to make sure our trip was one of the most memorable yet!

Historically, Henry and I had been to more unique adventure travel destinations and I dare say he was bit skeptical about the authenticity of our experiences during our trip considering that Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia. With that in mind, I thought: challenge accepted!

We started our trip with a couple days in Bangkok to adjust to the jet lag of our 14-hour time change from Los Angeles. Here we took a water taxi and visited the famed Wat Pho (to […]

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Torres Del Paine “O” Circuit Trek Tips

Torres Del Paine “O” Circuit Trek Tips

01 Torres Del Paine O Circuit Trek Tips 2016 05 22 It’s worth getting up at 3AM and hiking up to Las Torres on (most likely) the final day of your “O” circuit trek, so you can get this view right at sunrise.

After our own 9-day trek in the Chilean part of Patagonia, we wanted to share a few of our Torres del Paine “O” circuit trek tips.

02 Torres Del Paine O Circuit Trek Tips 2016 05 22 One of the many beautiful glaciers you’ll see if you do the “O” (or “Q”) trek versus the “W”. This one is just about a km from Campamento Los Perros.



03 Torres Del Paine O Circuit Trek Tips 2016 05 22 Horses in fields and snow-capped mountains in the distance welcome you to the beginning of the “O” circuit trek on Day 1.

Taking you 110 kilometers in a circular loop around Torres del Paine National Park, the “O” circuit trek is the ultimate way to experience this spectacular […]

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The Ultimate Travel Photography Gear List

The Ultimate Travel Photography Gear List

01 The Ultimate Travel Photography Gear List 2016 05 17 A bit outdated (April 2013, but a top-down view of the variety and quantity of photography gear I bring on every trip.

Capturing quality images while I’m traveling is really important to me, but it can be challenging due to a myriad of factors. After traveling through a dozen plus different countries and taking photos for this website, I put together my ultimate travel photography gear list to share what works for me.

10 The Ultimate Travel Photography Gear List 2016 05 17 My portable lighting equipment: the Canon 600EX-RT speedlight and ST-E2 transmitter. If I need a constant light source, I use the Comer video light.



07 The Ultimate Travel Photography Gear List 2016 05 17 I’m not a fan of the slow focusing and bad battery life of the Sony a7R, but it does take some incredible images at 36 megapixels!

As a full-time wedding photographer, taking quality images is of paramount importance to me, and […]

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