Uganda And Tanzania Travel Itinerary

Uganda And Tanzania Travel Itinerary You can hear all about our upcoming trip to Uganda and Tanzania in the latest episode of our travel podcast, Episode #7! For our tenth trip together, we will be traveling back to the place where the roots of our wanderlust were planted and blossomed to a [...]

Thailand Travel Itinerary

Thailand Travel Itinerary Thailand Travel Itinerary Our trip to Thailand is literally years in the making! I remember being inspired by photos of the limestone formations on the beaches of the Phi Phi Islands and being blown away by photos of the lantern festival that seemed unfathomable to me at that [...]

Patagonia Travel Itinerary

Patagonia Travel Itinerary Patagonia Travel Itinerary Out of the frying pan and right into the fire! Or in this case, out of the holidays followed by a trip to the Philippines for a wedding last week and right into heading to Patagonia for the next three weeks. It’s been [...]

India Travel Itinerary

India Travel Itinerary India Travel Itinerary Is it finally the middle of November? YES! Charlene and I are super stoked to go on our next out-of-country trip together, this time a two-week journey through Eastern India. It’ll be her first trip there and my second. Last time I went [...]

Honeymoon In Ecuador

Honeymoon In Ecuador We'll be staying at La Selva Lodge while in the Amazon. Photo credit: http://www.laselvajunglelodge.com We made it! I write to you now as not just a rambling photographer, but a married rambling photographer :). Last Friday, Charlene and I tied the knot in front of our [...]