Uganda And Tanzania Travel Itinerary

01 Uganda And Tanzania Travel Itinerary 2016 07 28

You can hear all about our upcoming trip to Uganda and Tanzania in the latest episode of our travel podcast, Episode #7!

For our tenth trip together, we will be traveling back to the place where the roots of our wanderlust were planted and blossomed to a whole new level: East Africa. We will be specifically visiting Uganda and Tanzania and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The motivation to go back to Africa stemmed from the fact that we are traveling at a time where tourism is at its peak yet the weather can be unbearable in many other parts of this world. More importantly, the perk of traveling to East Africa in August would mean the possibility of seeing the Great Migration in person!

We set our sights on Uganda since we have always wanted to observe the Silverback gorillas in the flesh. Sure we’d seen different types of monkeys throughout our travels, but when it comes to gorillas, there is a sense of bewilderment that we have yet to uncover.

Although that is the primary objective for our visit to Uganda, we have tons of other activities built within our itinerary that will include visiting a few local communities (one of our favorite things to do), and seeing a variety of other animals including chimpanzees and tree climbing lions. We will also have the opportunity to explore by boat with a cruise along the Kazinga Channel.

We wrap up our time in Uganda by spending two separate days gorilla trekking. We decided to dedicate an additional day since we only get to spend one hour observing them per day! We just weren’t sure one hour would be enough time. The funny thing about writing this blog post is that I have an imaginary idea of what I think our experiences will be like, but to compare it to reality will be something to laugh about later.

For the second leg of our trip, we will take a charter plane directly to the Serengeti National Park and spend a couple days doing game drives observing not only the Big 5 but all the other animals that inhabit the Serengeti. More importantly, we hope to witness the Great Migration in progress.

Although we know that the timeframe of our visit is at the tail end of the migration, hopefully staying at a mobile camp will give us just the advantage we need to observe this potentially mind blowing experience!

Speaking of unique and special experiences, something that we always wanted to do when we visited the Masai Mara in Kenya was to be able to take a hot air balloon ride and see all the animals and the national park itself from above. With our last full day in the Serengeti, we sure weren’t going to let that opportunity pass us by this time around.

Of course a visit to any country is incomplete (for us at least) without spending some time with the local community. For the final leg of our trip, we set out to do just that by taking another charter plane southeast to Lake Manyara where we will get to spend some time with the Maasai people. We had such a wonderful time getting to know the Maasai in Kenya, so there is no doubt we will have an amazing time here.

  • 8/1: Fly to Entebbe, Uganda. Lodging at 2 Friends Hotel.
  • 8/2: Drive to Kibale Forest National Park. Upon arrival in Fort Portal, visit king’s palace or go on a community walk in Bigodi Community. Lodging at Primates Lodge Kibale.
  • 8/3: Report to the Kibale Forest National Park headquarters for a briefing and go on chimpanzee trekking. Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park and go on an afternoon boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel. Lodging at Enganzi Lodge.
  • 8/4: Drive to Bwindi, stopping at Ishasha for a game drive in search of tree-climbing lions. Lodging at Gorilla Mist Camp.
  • 8/5: Report to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park headquarters for a briefing and go on gorilla trekking. Later on, take a community walk around the village and interact with the people. Lodging at Gorilla Mist Camp.
  • 8/6: Like the previous day, go on a second gorilla trekking excursion and visit a village before driving to Kigali, Uganda. Lodging at Flame Tree Village.
  • 8/7: Transfer to Kigali Airport and take charter flight to the Serengeti National Park. Go on an all-day game drive. Lodging at Serengeti North Wilderness Camp.
  • 8/8: Full day game drive. Lodging at Serengeti North Wilderness Camp.
  • 8/9: Early morning balloon ride followed by an all-day game drive. Lodging at Serengeti North Wilderness Camp.
  • 8/10: Morning game drive then fly from Serengeti National Park to Lake Manyara National Park. Visit a nearby Maasai village and go on an afternoon game drive. Lodging at Isoitok Tented Camp.
  • 8/11: Morning game drive in Lake Manyara National Park then drive to Arusha and onward to Kilimanjaro Airport. Fly back to the United States.