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Galapagos Legend Review








The Galapagos Legend cruise ship comes complete with an outdoor pool and plenty of sunloungers to relax on while you’re not on island excursions.

Intro: Our four day/three night Galapagos Islands adventure was spent on board the Galapagos Legend, a medium size cruise ship that caters to people of all ages and offers comfortable accommodation and delicious meals.

There are plenty of couches and chairs on the Galapagos Legend to socialize in or listen to lectures that are conducted between island excursions.

When we started looking into Ecuador as a destination for our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands and probably spend at least a few days out in the ocean. But other than that, we left it up to our travel agent La Selva Amazon Eco Lodge to take care of all the details for the entire trip and selected a package for the Galapagos which included a 4-day, 3-night adventure to explore several islands.

We ended up staying on board a medium-size cruise ship called the Galapagos Legend, which had the capacity to hold about 100 guests, but as we went during the off-season (mid-April), we were lucky and it was only at about 20% of its total occupancy. The great thing about having La Selva Amazon Eco Lodge recommend this package was that we didn’t have to book or worry about anything. Everything from the meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to the lodging and all activities were included – just like booking any other cruise ship vacation!

The cabin hallways on the Galapagos Legend are narrow but practical.

When we arrived on Baltra Island, one of the tour guides Jorge greeted us and gave a brief introduction on what was to come. We then took a short dinghy (small boat) ride from the dock over to the Galapagos Legend. Although it was categorized as a medium-sized boat, the Legend was still a good size, perfect for a small group of travelers to feel like they had the whole ship to themselves, without having to spend forever going from one end to the other.

Twin beds inside our cabin room on the Galapagos Legend cruise ship.

When Charlene and I stepped on board and made our way through the numerous rooms of the Galapagos Legend, including our own cabin, we were pretty impressed with everything. Granted we were on a boat in the middle of the ocean (and hadn’t bothered trying to upgrade to a premium room), but we were satisfied with the amenities the ship provided, including clean, spacious and comfortable cabins. Our only wish was that the restroom had been a tad bigger, and perhaps a queen size bed rather than two twins, particularly as it was our honeymoon!

Snorkeling equipment is provided for complimentary use throughout the Galapagos Islands’ cruise.

The service was excellent throughout the trip. From the tour guides and cleaners, to the captain and chef, it was wonderful getting a first-hand experience of operating a boat in the Atlantic Ocean. And speaking of the chef – the food was absolutely delicious, with plenty to go around for seconds and thirds! We even had a few magnificent outdoor meals on the deck of the Galapagos Legend with the endless ocean surrounding us.

While walking around the outside of the Legend, we spotted a large swimming pool at one end with plenty of chairs, hammocks, and a full bar for those wanting to get a bit tipsy. There was also an upper deck with great views of the entire ship and the surrounding islands and ocean. On the inside of the Galapagos Legend was a large dining room, a study area with books, movies and comfy massage chairs, a lecture room, and even a small play area for the kids. There’s really something for everyone, from families and older adults to couples and even the solo traveler.

The outdoor pool on the Galapagos Legend has a stunning view across the archipelago.

Like with any cruise ship, I’m sure there’s more luxurious ones out there that offer superior services and amenities, but for the price we paid, we were really happy with the value of the Galapagos Legend. I would recommend doing a bit of research before you book, just to see what is available and to find if there is a cruise ship that fits your demographic and desires. You do spend a good amount of time on board each day when you’re not on island excursions, so it’s important to find a ship that caters to your needs and offers the features which are important to you.


  • 1: Try to go during the shoulder season, when you might avoid the large crowds not only on the islands, but also on the ship.
  • 2: Make the most of the amenities when you’re sailing from one island to the next; there’s a pool, bar, massage chairs, and even movies.
  • 3: If you’re known to get seasick, absolutely put on anti-nauseating patches before getting onboard.
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