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Amboseli Sopa Lodge Review








Amboseli Sopa Lodge has plenty of green spaces and walking trails to explore.

Intro: Backed by the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli Sopa Lodge was a quiet and comfortable safari lodge on the grassy Kenyan plains, with an unexpected nighttime hyena feeding ritual.

It had been an incredible day driving from Lake Nakuru, stopping at Lake Naivasha for a boat ride on its hippo-inhabited waters and embarking directly on an afternoon game drive after entering Amboseli National Park. There was only one way to top it off and that was staying at another wonderful lodge.

Like our previous Kenya safari accommodations, Amboseli Sopa Lodge is located right in the middle of the Kenyan grasslands, and provided us with delicious meals, comfortable rooms and a place to relax in-between game drives. But, unlike the other lodges, this one had the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro as its backdrop. So although we only spent two full days in Amboseli, we got to witness the highest point in Africa at every turn.

If you’ve been following our write-ups for this trip and read our reviews of Masai Mara Sopa Lodge and Lake Nakuru Lodge, then you’ll know the essentials of these safari lodges. They all serve buffet-style meals, have individual hut-like rooms set within green, open spaces, wonderful staff, and, of course, a wet towel and juice to welcome guests upon arrival :).

A proud Maasai Warrior stands in front of a snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro.

On our first morning we were greeted by a soft-spoken, friendly Maasai Warrior who was guarding the lodge from…you guessed it – monkeys and baboons! He was also “conveniently” standing in an ideal location with the sun hitting his face and Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background – our whole group had to get a photo with him! He was even kind enough to let me hold his stick for one of the photos. Of course, we tipped him a little something – a win-win situation for everyone!

The internal compound of Amboseli Sopa Lodge is filled with shrubs and greenery.

When we returned from our morning game drive, we took a nap and wandered around the lodge’s beautiful grounds. At this time it’s just too bright outside to take photos and most of the animals are in hiding, so it’s a great opportunity to relax for a couple of hours and rejuvenate at the lodge.

Like all the lodges we stayed at, both electricity and hot water were unavailable for a few hours in the afternoon. But knowing this ahead of time, we were easily able to work around it – shower in the mornings and evenings and charge our electronics overnight.

The most unique thing we experienced at Amboseli Sopa Lodge was their nighttime hyena feeding. Around 9PM, staff left raw meat on a rock at the back of the lodge and waited for the hyenas to pounce! The night skies were also magnificent in Amboseli National Park and watching the constellations far from any light pollution was the perfect way to end our evenings.

Our Kenya tour group with a Maasai Warrior in front of Mount Kilimanjaro.

If you are doing a Kenyan safari through a tour company, chances are they will book everything from the accommodation to attractions for you. It’s the easiest (and probably most affordable) way to go. There’s a few choices of lodges at every Kenyan game park, with options to upgrade (ie. a luxury suite, 3-course meals, private jeep safari, etc.), but if you’re looking for a quality lodge in Amboseli, then we certainly recommend Amboseli Sopa Lodge, and you can’t beat Mt. Kilimanjaro as your backdrop.


  • 1: The scenery around Amboseli Sopa Lodge was by far the best out of all 3 lodges, highlighted by Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance.
  • 2: There’s a nighttime hyena feeding event, although it’s quite difficult to see anything since it’s so dark.
  • 3: Take a moment to relax and reflect, perhaps write down your experiences in a journal so you can go back and relive everything later.
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