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Our travels have taken us to all corners of the world, with adventures that have seen us fly to explore a single destination or travel across multiple countries during the one trip. From doing the 12-day Torres del Paine Circuit trek in Chile’s Patagonia to wildlife spotting on the grassy plains of the Maasai Mara in Kenya, during these trips we have encountered diverse people, landscapes, and cultures.

We love to get off the beaten path and really immerse ourselves in the local culture, opting for trips that allow us to meet the local people, explore the breathtaking landscapes, and have memorable experiences that challenge and inspire us. Photography also plays an important role in our trips and being able to document them in a captivating, personal ways is all part of our travel approach.

Browse through our entire itinerary, from wheels down and up in the countries we’re visiting, and take an in-depth read at all our experiences. Our goal is to give you our honest, personal evaluation of them all. Whether you are looking for adventure, private tour, small group, luxury travel, or a combination of them all, here are a selection of the best trips in the world that we have taken to inspire your wanderlust.

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 1 Lukla To Phakding

Intro: After arriving into Lukla Airport, we were on the Everest Base Camp trail heading towards Phakding, with spectacular Himalaya scenery, suspension bridge crossings, and Nepalese prayer flags to welcome me. Read more

Wayllabamba Camp Review

Intro: After our first day of trekking on Peru’s Inca Trail, we arrived at the campsite of Wayllabamba to find our tents had already been set up by our trusty porters, and hot chocolate and snacks had been prepared to refuel our tired bodies. Read more

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 2 Phakding To Namche Bazaar

Intro: My second day on the Everest Base Camp trek took us from Phakding to Namche Bazaar, and was marked by our official entry into Sagarmatha National Park and a tough ascent at the end. Read more

Visiting Wat Mahathat

Intro: After exploring the elaborate grounds of the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, our day trip to Ayutthaya continued at the former royal monastery ruins of Wat Mahathat. Read more

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 4 Namche Bazaar to Tengboche

Intro: We departed Namche Bazaar in the early morning for the trek to Tengboche, with only a short altitude gain ahead of us and brilliant, clear Himalayan Mountain scenery. Read more

Visiting The Todra Gorges

Intro: As we drove from Merzouga through to the Dades Valley, we made one final stop in the dramatic canyon of Tinghir’s Todra Gorges, with its steep-sided cliffs and rich red rock formations. Read more

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 5 Tengboche To Dingboche

Intro: The trek from Tengboche to Dingboche turned out to be one of my favorites, not only of this Everest Base Camp adventure, but of all the hikes I had ever embarked on. Read more

Visiting The Maasai Warriors 1

Intro: Our first encounter with Kenya’s great Maasai Warriors on a cultural village visit was an experience we had never imagined possible. Read more

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 7 Dingboche To Lobuche

Intro: My seventh day trekking along the Everest Base Camp trail took me from the small town of Dingboche to Lobuche, and my first encounter with one of the base camps used by mountaineers attempting to summit the towering Himalayan peaks that surrounded us. Read more

Visiting Mindo Cloud Forest

Intro: Our day tour from Quito to the Mindo Cloud Forest was not only a beautiful opportunity to trek through this mist-shrouded rainforest, but also proved to be a defining moment for us in a whole new passion for the outdoors. Read more

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 8 Gorak Shep To Everest Base Camp

Intro: The day had finally arrived on my 12-day trekking trip that we would reach Everest Base Camp, but with altitude sickness kicking in on the morning hike from Lobuche, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to make it. Read more

Visiting Middle Of The World

Intro: On arrival back in Quito from the Amazon Rainforest, we headed straight out to the so-called Middle of the World, where the Equatorial line traverses Ecuador. Read more

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 8 Lobuche To Gorak Shep

Intro: While the trek from Lobuche to Gorak Shep was a relatively short one, it proved to be one of the most challenging for me with altitude sickness finally kicking in, making every step and increase in altitude that much more difficult. Read more

Visiting Maya Bay And Pileh Bay

Intro: Made famous by the movie “The Beach”, Maya Bay is one of the Phi Phi Islands most popular tourist destinations, but perhaps a little too touristy for us! Read more

Inca Trail Trek Day 1 KM 82 To Wayllabamba

Intro: As we headed out towards KM 82 and the official start of the Inca Trail, we were all in high spirits for what turned out to be an unforgettable first day of trekking and getting to know our incredible porters. Read more

Inca Trail Trek Day 2 Wayllabamba To Pacaymayo

Intro: Our second day on the Inca Trail trek saw us traverse more spectacular Sacred Valley scenery and take on the challenging Dead Woman’s Pass – the highest point along our journey to Machu Picchu. Read more

Visiting Bang Pa-In Palace

Intro: On our second full day in Bangkok we decided to venture to Ayutthaya for a day sightseeing, including a stop at the former royal summer residence at the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace. Read more

Torres Del Paine Circuit Trek Day 1 Laguna Amarga To Campamento Seron

Intro: After a 24-hour plane journey from the States and numerous bus rides, we were finally taking our first steps along Torres del Paine’s famous “O” circuit trek. Read more

Loh Samah Bay Snorkeling

Intro: Our Phi Phi Islands speedboat tour finished with another snorkeling session at Loh Samah Bay, before the clouds rolled in and we made a bee-line back to Krabi as the rain poured down upon us! Read more

Torres Del Paine Circuit Trek Backpacking Food

Intro: Although we did bring some dried food goods with us from the States for our 9-day “O” circuit trek in Torres del Paine, we went on a last-minute shopping spree at Puerto Natales’ Unimarc to make some final food purchases. Read more

Puerto Natales To El Calafate

Intro: Our 5-hour bus ride between Puerto Natales and El Calafate was over before we knew it, with an efficient departure, a straight-forward border crossing and comfortable seats to catch up on a bit of sleep. Read more

Taj Mahal At Sunset

Intro: Despite the hordes of other visitors, our first encounter with Agra’s Taj Mahal at sunset was a surreal and humbling experience, and as the late afternoon light illuminated this spectacular structure, we found a few quiet moments to just soak it all in. Read more

Punta Arenas To Puerto Natales

Intro: After flying into Punta Arenas from the States the previous evening, we took the early morning bus to Puerto Natales – the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park and our 9-day “O” circuit trek. Read more

Sirocco Restaurant At Lebua State Tower Review

Intro: On our third night in Bangkok, we decided to treat ourselves to an indulgent meal at the famous Sirocco Restaurant, located at the top of the Lebua State Tower. But with sky-high prices and food that didn’t really impress, we left feeling a bit disappointed. Read more

Refugio Chileno Review

Intro: With a beautiful view across the Rio Ascensio valley to the mountain peaks behind and a warm meal waiting for us, Refugio Chileno was one of the more comfortable and picturesque campsites we stayed at during our 9-day “O” circuit trek in Torres del Paine National Park. Read more

Refugio Paine Grande Review

Intro: One of Torres del Paine’s largest lodgings, and an undeniable hub for trekkers in the park, Refugio Paine Grande turned out to be our favorite campsite along our 9-day “O” circuit trek. Read more

San Cristobal Island Cerro Brujo And Kicker Rock Tour

Intro: Our island excursion to Cerro Brujo within the Galapagos Islands turned out to be a whirlwind of emotions – from feeling sheer terror within a narrow opening in the “witch mountain” to soaking up the sun on a pristine stretch of isolated beach. Read more

Sahara Desert Sunrise

Intro: One of the most iconic Saharan Desert experiences is waking up to an incredible sunrise over the never-ending sand dunes, and our morning at the desert camp near Merzouga certainly didn’t disappoint. Read more

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