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Apart from documenting our travel adventures for a dedicated online audience, here at Only A Day Away we want to connect with like-minded travel and tour companies with a focus on adventure, private tours, small group, and luxury travel.

We strive to enrich the relationship between travelers and tour companies through meaningful evaluations of genuine, first-hand encounters, and expand our network of travel associates and friends.

Whether you have worked with us on our past trips or are interested in connecting on future adventures, we hope you will find all the necessary information here about our travel philosophy and how we want to make a difference in the online travel world.



Charlene camel trekking in the Sahara Desert.


The day we said “I do” nearly 3 years ago.


In addition to travel, I’m very passionate about being a wedding photographer.

Right from the moment we met, both Charlene and I knew that travel was going to be an important part of our relationship. 4 years down the track and our Only A Day Away travel blog has become the face of our travels, documenting our adventures to not only family and friends, but a wider online travel audience.

In between our full-time jobs as a wedding photographer (yours truly) and clinical pharmacist (Charlene), we head overseas as often as possible, having traveled to around 30 countries between us. Travel has undoubtedly transformed the way we look at the world, and rather than just taking it all in, we want to be able to give back as much as possible.

This website is an opportunity for us to share our thoughts, experiences, and photographs to the wider world, and offer tips, advice, and insights that will inspire others to get out there and carve their own travel path.

You can read more about our background and travel inspirations on our about page.


Our aim at Only A Day Away is to connect adventurous travelers to highly-recommended tour companies and captivating destinations. We want to bridge the knowledge gap and quell the uncertainties that travelers have by inspiring them to book their next travel adventure and go further than they ever thought possible.

We seek out authentic, genuine, and ethical travel experiences and in doing so want to give back to the communities we meet by referring their services to future travelers. Through immersive travel experiences that we document and share on this website, we hope to offer a realistic perspective on what to expect at each and every destination and how travelers can prepare for their next adventure, private tour, small group, and luxury travel trip.


Advertising backed with our recommendation, tailored to your destination and audience.

Review from our TripAdvisor account with high-quality photos and detailed words.

Reach out to potential customers who just got married and are looking for a honeymoon destination.

Some of the travel services we can provide you:

  • Day-to-day, in-depth article write-ups of the trip.
    Whether you are offering multi-day tours or a one-off experience, we can provide detailed articles describing what is on offer to potential future clients and ensure they find it easily online.
  • Advertising on our website.
    At Only A Day Away we love to endorse companies that left an amazing impression on us, both within our articles and through advertising banners, offering our audience sincere and honest recommendations.
  • Travel photos.
    Combining high-quality camera equipment with years of photographic experience, we capture impressive photos during our travels of each and every experience that can be used for your promotional purposes.
  • Travel podcast.
    Our bi-monthly travel podcast provides listeners with insider tips and travel experiences that inspire them to embark on their next adventure, private tour, small group adventure or luxury getaway. We want to team up with like-minded travel companies and tour operators to promote their services through this audio outlet, whether that be direct advertising or guest podcasting.
  • TripAdvisor reviews.
    We understand the importance of TripAdvisor in today’s digital travel world and can provide honest and thorough reviews of tour company, hotel, and restaurant experiences using first-hand knowledge.
  • Connection to network of travelers, photographers, and wedding couples (honeymoon).
    We have an extensive network of travel-hungry peers and colleagues (not to mention yours truly’s couples looking for honeymoon inspiration), which means that our traveler base is already far-reaching and constantly growing.
  • SEO-friendly articles ranking high in web search.
    All our blog articles and website content is enriched with SEO so that it ranks highly on online searches and prospective customers can easily find your website.
  • Social media presence.
    We’re slowly growing our social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and will share our experiences working with you to our followers and fans.



Travel and photography are our two passions, and we know the buzz of being in an exotic location when that inspiring photo opp arises. After nearly a decade as a full-time wedding photographer and now helping others run their own wedding photography business, I’m pleased to offer travel photography workshops for aspiring photographers that want to take their travel photography to the next level.

Whether it be developing a better understanding of cultural sensitivities when it comes to travel photography or how to take advantage of the best lighting conditions, these travel photography workshops can be tailored to you or your company’s own desires. But most importantly, they are an opportunity to be completely immersed in the destination, without losing the essence of why we love to travel.

I’m currently available on selective dates in 2016 and 2017. If you’re interested, please connect with me via the contact form or directly through email.



Preparing some thai dishes for a communal dinner at Spicy Villa Eco Lodge.

It’s not just about showing up and taking, but also leaving something behind.

Dropping off some school supplies to a few kids along the Everest Base Camp trek.

After traveling around the globe, we know that there are so many opportunities out there for travelers to give back to the communities and destinations they visit through volunteering and non-profit projects. Using our extensive photography and travel blogging experience we hope to offer our services for ethical projects and help to raise awareness about the work being done on the ground.

If you feel that your volunteering or non-profit project would be suitable for a collaborative project, please don’t hesitate to connect with us via the contact form or directly through email.



If you are interested in working with us on any of the above projects, please reach out to us via the contact form or directly through email. Or if there’s any other way you think we might be able to assist you, don’t hesitate to let us know. One way or another, let’s connect!

– Charlene and Henry

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